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Wednesday 8 April 2020, 14:00 (CEST)
Special Meeting with RDs and APs – Video Conference Call
Meeting Summary:
• Meeting commenced with an invitation for participants to introduce themselves by Area
• Welcome Statement from IP Jennifer Jones
o Read Jennifer’s statement >>
• Welcome from IPE Jacob Kristensen
o Endorsed IP Jennifer’s sentiments
o Hopes for connections between RDs and clubs during this time
▪ Long-term benefits from these connections, even beyond COVID-19
▪ Don’t sit in the corner, but work hard
• Welcome from IPIP Moon Sang-bong IPIP Moon sent his apologies for being unable to attend this meeting. He forwarded the his message by email
o Read IPIP Moon’s statement >>
• Welcome from IT Philips Cherian
o Congratulations to clubs and Regions engaged in relief work
▪ Reminder concerning emergency relief funding
• AP Murry Dunbar (CAC)
o Area in contact with RDs and meeting as necessary
o Some clubs using social media, others less so, but being encouraged to do so
o RDs working hard to keep in contact with clubs
o Plans for an Area project
• AP Ulrik Lauridsen (EUR)
o Would like to invite later inputs from RDs
o New clubs in Estonia and Italy
• RD Piia Karro-Selg (Finland/Balticum – EUR)
o Clubs in good contact with each other
• AP Kim Sang-chae (KOR)
o Korea Area successful in flattening curve
o Professional opinion that situation stabilised in Korea by end April/May
o Financial support sought from IHQ due to the crisis – CHF 5,000 to provide PPE
o CHF 10,000 transferred to IHQ for the emergency response fund
• AP Bobby Stivers-Apiki (USA)
o Efforts to maintain contact with RDs and Service Directors to ensure connectivity during this time
o Relatives of club members have passed away due to COVID-19.
o Clubs are still providing service to YMCAs. Financial support to assist YMCA to feed thousands of children who are not at school across the USA. YMCAs providing childcare for children of health workers.
o In Hawaii, tourism blocked and travel between islands restricted.
• RD Charley Redmond (Mideast – USA)
o Instruction to shelter at home, only leaving for essentials.
o Some clubs still working. Carondelet (Mid America) helping to set up emergency fund for YMCA staff who have been laid off.
o All planned fundraisers now postponed or cancelled.
• RD Terry Bradley (South Atlantic – USA)
o Efforts to remain connected, even if unable to meet. Business by email/telephone.
o Encouraging club members to call and check on each other – connect & pray.
o YMCAs closed but remaining connected with staff to determine what can be done to help
o Appreciation for efforts of IHQ/IP to keep clubs informed and spirits uplifted
• RD Joseph Kanjamala (North Atlantic)
o New York State most heavily affected by coronavirus in USA
o Members directly affected with some close relatives having fallen ill and sadly some having lost their lives to COVID-19
o Each club in the Region has 3-4 cases. Clubs and members are supporting each other.
o We are sharing news via social media and one club is having an Easter celebration over Zoom. This is a time for supporting each other and we all need to pray.
• RD Jatau Dilli (Africa Northwest – AFR)
Unfortunately due to some technical issues, it was not realised that Jatau was in the meeting and he later became disconnected – he later sent the following by email:
o Thanks for the video meeting. Hope another opportunity will be available in the near future.
o Our prayers is that sooner than later, COVID-19 will be history.
• RD Godfrey Francis (Sri Lanka – ASP)
o Complete lockdown, no gatherings and no meetings.
o Business continues with email and phone.
o Y’s Men have been keeping in touch. RD in touch with club presidents and secretaries, and clubs in touch with their club members and each other.
o Separately, the Region has been hit hard last week with the loss of two long-standing members due to causes unrelated to COVID-19.
• RD Bill Schmidt (Australia – ASP)
o Strict measures in place with limited reasons for leaving home
▪ Therefore, no activity within in the clubs
▪ All clubs in recess
o Clubs in touch by phone and other digital means
o No activity expected until restrictions eased
o Question raised concerning payment of International Dues during this period
• RD Tony Liao (Taiwan – ASP)
o Early precautions in Taiwan lead to low cases and deaths
▪ Travel on public transportation requires mask but movement otherwise allowed
▪ Meetings also possible (inside <100 people, outside <500)
o Concerns about Regional Convention
• RD Sandra Hamilton (Caribbean – CAC)
o RD in touch with clubs. All under lockdown and curfew. Schools are closed - more home-schooling. An opportunity to run virtual classrooms which have started.
o To lessen instances of anxiety, fear and depression – using social media to spread good news. Including messaging of physical distancing, hygiene and staying home.
o With Ministries of Health, taking government messaging and translating it into messages that are more easily understood by the wider public.
o Delivering food to those that need help. Clubs creating databases.
• RD Todd Robinson (Maritimes – CAC)
o Isolating, staying at home.
o Within the Region, similar activities to those previously reported. Staying in touch with social media, newsletters and video conferencing.
• RD Alan “Wally” Wallington (Central Southern Europe – EUR)
o Wally shared tips on technology and specially video conferencing
▪ Muting microphone when not speaking, using good lighting, editing your name to allow other to know who you are
o Example of low-tech solutions
▪ Regional Conference not held last year in person
▪ Was conducted over email
• RD Per Trygve Normann (Norway – EUR)
o Situation relatively under control. Lockdown since 12 March. No meetings of more than 5 people and people should stay home. Expected to remain in place for some time.
o New club, Y-folk Ullandhaug, chartered on 16 March. Therefore the charter ceremony could not be held yet. A “younger” club – age of club members is +/- 50.
o No Regional Conference this year.
o Challenge of how to keep clubs running and in contact in the long run.
• RD M. Prabakaran (South India – IND)
o Have had guest speakers to address DGs and club members on coronavirus
o Clubs are working to assist their communities
• ISG Jose Varghese (IHQ)
o Update on India Area
o Contact being maintained throughout clubs, Districts, Regions.
o Most infections affecting those coming from abroad, community transmission is not so apparent at this moment.
o Biggest social challenge is hunger. 70% of population live on daily wages.
• RD Ji Seong-eun (Korea Chonbuk – KOR)
o Low cases. Hope that by April/May situation will be stable.
o Next semester, Regional Conventions are planned to go ahead.
o Less new clubs than planned were able to be chartered.
• RD Park Jong-an (Korea Daegu Gyeongbuk – KOR)
o Thanks for the support for the support from IP Discretionary Fund
o Situation stabilised after initial high number of cases
o Established a Regional Office and a development fund with more enthusiasm and activity expected as a result.
o Will persevere with efforts to charter new clubs.
• RD Hong Kyung-hee (Korea Jeju – KOR)
o Strict social distancing has been successful, low cases. No Y’s Men affected.
o Clubs have been following the guidelines.
o Send fruit and donations to affected persons.
o All regional meetings postponed. Once they can recommence, utmost efforts to work to get back to normal.
o Jeju will host RDE Summit in early 2021 – UNESCO World Heritage Centre.
• RD Han Dong-cheol (Korea Seoul – KOR)
o No cases within Y’s Men club membership
o Gymnasiums at YMCA closed, all other activities are running.
o Hand sanitiser distributed
o Marriage ceremonies for marginalised persons in Southeast Asia and other Regions are postponed.
o Kitchens for elderly and street cleaning activities.
o New clubs planned for May have been postponed.
• RD Ji Jong-ho (Korea Joongang – KOR)
o Apologised for being unable make it to meeting
▪ Report presented by Chung Hye-jin
o Working hard to prevent membership loss
o Conducting flash mobs
o Several future plans for increasing membership
• Jang Dong-su (Korea South – KOR)
o Message via AP Kim Sang-chae
o More extension activities planned
• RD José Luis Léon Léon (Latin America – LAM) José Luis gave a report through the chat function
o The Region is going through very difficult times, mainly the 5 clubs in Chile, due to the social, political and economic situation that they have had since October 2019; and, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become even more difficult to carry out meetings and activities in a normal way; however, they maintain contact with their club members through email and WhatsApp.
o A similar case is happening in the Bolivian clubs, but they have shared activities with the YMCA and in other cases, providing support to those most in need by the Santa Cruz club.
o The Montevideo club in Uruguay is still meeting and had their the last meeting on 28 February. They plan to create a new club in the YMCA Portones and have made an extraordinary contribution to the social works of the YMCA.
• ISG Jose Varghese
o Thanked Korea for their support for the emergency response fund
• RD Ajith Babu (South West India – KOR)
o Relatively low direct effect to club members but affected by restrictions to movement, cancellation of meetings, etc
o Attempts to overcome this with digital communication, etc
• RD Johnson C. Padinjath (West India – IND)
o Many clubs undertaking projects relating to COVID-19. Donations of food, masks, etc.
o Club members in touch by phone in absence of meetings.
o Most scheduled major meetings look to be postponed.
• Update on IC 2020 from IPE Jacob Kristensen
o Danish Government has prohibited all gatherings of more than more than 10 people until end of August
o Result is cancellation of 2020 International Convention and Youth Convocation.
• AP Hiroyuki Tanaka (ASP)
o Happy to see that collectively we are “alive” despite COVID-19
o Japan East has cancelled their Convention but will live broadcast the installation ceremony to promote solidarity.
o Japan West will charter new club in May.
• Closing Statement from ISG Jose Varghese
o Read Jose’s statement >>
o Concluded with a word of prayer, especially for those members directly affected by COVID-19 disease.